If you’ve always wondered about serigraphs…

Porcupine Art Club member, N.O.A.A. winner, and internationally exhibited artist Margot Cormier-Splane is known for her political and environmental paintings and serigraph screen printing, the latter of which is very elaborate technique dating back 1000 years that few of us have seen in progress. In 2017, Margot posted a video online in which she demonstrates how she makes one layer of colour – out of a total of 24 – on an edition of 57 prints and 5 artist proofs. The completed piece titled “Armchair Asses Against Science” won the 60th Annual N.O.A.A. Juried Exhibit Freedom 55 Financial Award (First Place Overall in Show) in 2016.

You can see more of Margot Cormier-Splane’s art, including this serigraph, on her website: http://margot-cormier-splane.net/

(Click on the title below the image to view the video on her YouTube channel.)


How to create an Original Serigraph; a Tutorial on the Printing Process

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