09 PAC History

The first general meeting was held on September 26th, 1947, in the Timmins Council Chamber with 35 people attending.

R.E. Bim and Doris Sturgeon, founders of the club, called the meeting to order.

The aims of the club were to foster the appreciation of art, to promote high standards in painting – whether pursuing a career or simply a hobby – and to interest the public.

When the Northern Ontario Art Association was formed in the mid fifties, the Porcupine Art Club was one of the founding members and has continued its membership in this overall umbrella of northern clubs.

So, to quote P. Melhorn,

” here it is.  As it is read consider what it represents.  It speaks today for … years of development of the visual arts in the northern section of this province.  It speaks for the determination of a number of stubborn people who worked, often in the face of ridicule, criticism, adversity and lack of funds.  At this moment, it may even be …the crisis point.  Some have questioned its present relevance.  Yet, I ask you – how many of those involved in art at this moment would have reached the present level had it not been for a participation in this movement? It is not, and never has been, a nameless group – it was, and is, every member in each participating northern community who is working in that community – teaching, organizing art exhibitions, writing, painting, printmaking or otherwise communicating with others, in and outside of the art community.  And not least among these is our present president, who is working valiantly to keep the spirit alive.”


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