PAC Spring Project At-Home: Community Butterfly Boxes

EACOM Timber Corporation is supporting the construction of new houses for local butterflies and tree swallows through a partnership between the Wintergreen Fund for Conservation and two local schools: Timmins High and Vocational School (swallow houses), and O’Gorman Intermediate Catholic School (butterfly houses).

O’Gorman Intermediate Catholic School’s Industrial Technology program students constructed a number of butterfly houses. The Porcupine Art Club was then asked to decorate the houses, which would then be placed in community gardens around Timmins. Several club members took the boxes home to work on – some with the help of family members. The boxes were then returned to the Wintergreen Fund’s office where they await to go on display.

PAC Workshop Co-ordinator Nicola Alexander created a video slide show with photography by President Ted O’Connor. Enjoy everyone’s unique take from a common canvas!

Artists’ boxes in order of appearance: Ted O’Connor, Catharine and Katy Cribbs, Ingrid Huisson, Lynn Pigeon, Tammy Racicot, Karina Miki Douglas-Takayesu, Sherri Jones, Tammy Racicot, Maggie Jasaitis, Sandy Beauchamp, Hugo and Nicky Alexander, and Silvana Jasaitis.

You can read more about the project in this article from The Daily Press:

There is also a story from CTV Northern Ontario:

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