We’re Now on The Timmins App!

The week, the Porcupine Art Club joined the The Timmins App, a guide to organizations, businesses, and events in the community. The App is available through the Apple App store for iOS devices (iPad, iPhone, etc.) and Google Play for devices running on Android (e.g. Samsung Tablet, non-Apple smart phones, etc.) You read about the App here: http://thetimminsapp.com/ – however it is not available for desktop computers.

To learn how to find us on the app, follow the steps below this picture.


  1. Download The Timmins App (free) directly on to your mobile device.


2.  Open the App, and then go to section labelled “Community”. IMG_0021

3. Go to “Associations and Clubs”. (Screen layout may differ, if you chose another option om the previous step, such as “Things to Do”.)


4. A directory of various clubs will appear. Look for the Porcupine Art Club’s logo on the left-hand side of the screen. When you find the club, tap on the screen for more information. Note: Our street address is approximately 261 Eighth Avenue, but there is no marking on it in Roy Nicholson Park.








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