June 28, 2018 Workshop: Papermaking

This week’s P.A.C. workshop will be a ‘cheap and cheerful’ intro to recycled paper making. We won’t be getting into technical terms or using fancy molds and deckles… we’ll throw a bunch of scrap paper into a blender, pour it into a vat, scoop it out on old window screens and hope it turns out wonderful!


Please bring the following materials:

  • Scrap computer/drawing/watercolour paper, egg cartons, newsprint, manila envelopes, cardstock, etc. (please no glossy or waxy paper and no cardboard)
  • 1-2 bath towels – don’t bring your best guest towels because they will get paper fibres on them, but they won’t be damaged or stained
  • An old blender if you have one you don’t mind blending paper fibres in; You can leave it in your car, but it would be nice to have nearby just in case mine overheats!

We will make a communal batch of pulp and I am supplying a few window screens for us to share, so we will take turns .

This workshop takes place at the clubhouse (intersection of Pine St. North and Eighth Avenue, Timmins) on Thursday June 28, 2018  at 7:00 p.m. and is free for members, $5.00 for non-members.

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