Thursday Evening Workshop: Painting the Great Book Boxes


Thursday May 31st, 2018‘s evening workshop has been changed from linocuts (postponed) to painting the next batch of Great Book Boxes. Two of the boxes can be done in any style, while the third box (on the right) will be painted in the colour scheme of the Mountjoy Centennial Hall. (A reference photo will be provided, and the boxes are being primed on Wednesday the 30th.) A fourth book box is being constructed and will be brought to the clubhouse in the upcoming weeks. Please pick up your “Dark in the Light” paintings, which are now home from Cochrane, in order to make some more room for working on the book boxes.

The workshop will be taking place at the usual time of 7:00 p.m. at the clubhouse in Roy Nicholson Park (intersection of Pine Street North, and Eighth Avenue, Timmins). These will take a few sessions to complete.

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