Papier-Mâché Workshop Thursday February 02nd, 2017

On Thursday February 02nd, 2017 at 7:00 p.m. at the clubhouse in Roy Nicholson Park (Pine St. N. & Eighth Ave., Timmins),  PAC Artist Nicky Alexander will show you how to construct a basic ‘cup and saucer’ using a pair of scissors and 2 paper plates. You will then mix up a paste of flour and water and use glue-soaked newspaper to build up your forms.
You will need:
– a roll of masking tape
– scissors
– a small Tupperware-like container with lid in which to mix the paste (ideally should be big enough to allow your hand to dip in and out)
– a newspaper (note newsprint works best . . . store flyers tend to be too glossy to absorb paste)
Unfortunately, there will not be enough time to paint or decorate them on the same night due to time constraints but if you have time, you are encouraged to come back to the clubhouse on Saturday morning to finish off!
This workshop is free for club members, and $5.00 for guests. Club members, please email Nicky if you plan to attend; non-members, please email porcupineartclub[at] This way, we know roughly how many will be in attendance.
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