Wax Etching Workshop Tonight at 7pm

Club member Nicky Alexander is hosting a Wax (or Crayon) Etching Workshop at the clubhouse tonight (Thursday October 06th) at 7:00pm.
The ‘Wax (or Crayon) Etching Workshop’ is happening this week – Thursday 6th October at 7pm.
This is a fun exercise and a simple straightforward technique with exciting possibilities . . . I look forward to experimenting with you 🙂
You will need:
– stiff card or cartridge paper (if you don’t have anything suitable . . . the back of a cereal box or paper plate works just fine)
– any wax crayons you have lying around (if you don’t have anything . . . don’t worry as I will bring what I have from home)
– a paint brush and small roller . . . if you have one (again I will bring from home and there are probably also a few in the studio)
– if you have a tube of acrylic paint . . . preferably black or dark in colour . . . you may want to bring that along also?
– and finally two or three sharp tools you can use for carving out / etching your design . . . eg. toothpicks, kebab stick, linocut tools work well, end of a teaspoon, etc . . . 
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