Collage Papers Workshop: Thursday April 07, 2016 7pm

Cathy Cribbs is hosting tonight’s workshop – free for members, $5.00 for guests. The workshop starts at 7:00pm at our clubhouse in Roy Nicholson Park (intersection of Pine St. North and Eighth Avenue, Timmins.)

She asks that you bring any following that you may have:

– White glue (school glue) or acrylic medium and wide brush
– tissue paper, white and coloured, other light weight paper
 – any thin “washi” (Japanese paper) that you may have
– thin items to inlay, such as thread, string, ribbon
– watercolour or acrylic paints,inks and brushes, all of these if you have them
– stamps, small carved lino blocks
She will will provide three white plastic bin liners, cut open, to act as a work surface to keep your papers from being stuck to the table.
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