Timmins Museum Cost-Saving Measures Under Review Feb. 08 2016

Museum in Winter.jpg

This is an important message for the community – on the evening Monday February 08th, 2016, our city’s Council will be debating cost-saving measures for the Timmins Museum: National Exhibition Centre. The City of Timmins has undergone a core services review, conducted by KPMG, LLP. (Full document available to download as a PDF here.) Amongst the items reviewed were the expenditures for operating the museum as municipal entity. As the name implies, the Timmins Museum: National Exhibition Centre, serves not only as a local museum, but also as a venue where touring exhibits from around the country are also featured. (For example, the present “A Queen and Her Country“, which celebrated the Diamond Jubilee of Queen Elizabeth II.) Museum staff also provide research and archival services, local history knowledge, children and adult programming, operate a gallery, run a gift shop and serve as a box office for the Timmins Symphony Orchestra, and work at countless behind-the-scenes tasks for the community.

Amongst the cost-cutting suggestions that have been discussed is the divestiture of the museum to another non-profit organization. It is hoped that this suggestion will NOT be at the discussion at Council on Monday. To curate and operate a museum of this size requires specialized formal education, local knowledge, and unique skill sets in history, art knowledge, customer service, and working with guests of all ages – to name just a few qualifications. Additionally, there are no non-profit organizations in the community that would have the capital to be able to support the operational costs of a museum, let alone staff it. Please show your support for this cultural institution by making your voice heard at Council on Monday. The meeting starts at 6:00pm with the Museum report scheduled for approximately 6:30pm. (The agenda for the meeting can be downloaded here, under the name “Committee of the Whole Meeting 08 Feb 2016”.)

The Administrative Report: Community & Development Services Department – Museum & National Exhibition Centre Division can be downloaded here: Response to KPMG Report RE Museum Operations Jan 16.

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